VenturaChux: Chapparal Yucca
RSB Image Works: East Meadow, NY
2HandzUp1913: The reality of my “New Normal”
readerwalker: Path along edge of former marsh
readerwalker: Marsh grasses
zvwjmrvo53: Grandmother and grandson listening to music
Floating on Air: Houseboats in Alameda on the Oakland Estuary
TerSan Photography: My son and one of his many murals he has painted. This is part of a former local mall renovation project. The new owners are doing an area where people can do selfie’s in front of different backdrops. Things are still under construction.
Jimmy Clyde: I found the keys!
deanwgd608: NY Public Library
Daniel Piraino: South Melbourne Beach
deanwgd608: NY Public Library
Floating on Air: Houseboat Village in Alameda, California at Sunset
OscarCrookshank: The Stoic Tree
chinese johnny: Shadow, Pointe du Hoc, Cricqueville-en-Bessin, Normandy, France
NeoShot App: IMG_5971
NeoShot App: IMG_5967
dweible1109: Pennsylvania Landing Skyscape B&W
mswan777: End of the beach
• BruinsFan •: happyDazeSH [magnet]
Andreas Komodromos: 7th Avenue & Broadway - Times Square, New York City
jbfigueiredo: São Paulo
carogege: Sam fait le beau sur la plage ( Agde France )
Helsbruder: Well rounded
Helsbruder: Almost friendly
Zack Huggins: Montclair Ave.
Adaptabilly: Verticality
Adaptabilly: Flowers and leaves