Pejasar: Pink on the pond
Missy Jussy: Autumn in September
Dave Snowdon (Wipeout Dave): Kilchattan Rocks
rochpaul5: Utilities
lamarstyle: The aftermath of the power company laying a new main power line.
rochpaul5: Nice est
Nmarie: hip priest and kamerads
lamarstyle: USB cable cactus
Laperuz: Morning. The Rostov Kremlin was originally the residence of the Metropolitan of the Rostov diocese, called the metropolitan (bishop's) court. It is located in the center of Rostov near Lake Nero.
Nathan_Arrington: Revolution 041
o-boy: Found It!
Laperuz: That's the one Π ΠΎΠ·Π°
carogege: Max a de nouveau copains Espagnols
Christophe Rose: Tatihou : A view from a bunker
digonedd: Gladiolus
zoulex69: Persistance liquide de la cuillère
digonedd: Gladiolus
RandyKrauch: Moisture, in the form of fog, creates the Lichen & Spanish Moss ecosystem in this California Live Oak
RandyKrauch: Moisture from coastal fog is key to this CA Live Oak ecosystem in which lichen & Spanish moss thrive.
bryan...: Snapshot, Taipei, Taiwan, ιš¨ζ‹, ε°εŒ—, 台灣
bryan...: Snapshot, Taipei, Taiwan, ιš¨ζ‹, ε°εŒ—, 台灣
Eric Londgren Photography: My daughter's rings
RandyKrauch: CA Live Oak Tree's eye view of Lichen & Spanish moss
RandyKrauch: California Live Oak on foggy Ontario Ridge