parmrussrap: Black-chinned Hummingbird Mugshot
bartek19884: Versace style cat :)
bartek19884: Versace style cat portrait :)
rivai56: Oisons, Bernache du Canada - Canada goose, Québec, Canada - 7091
Anne Ahearne: Gray Catbird
lukiassaikul: Devoted Dad I
lukiassaikul: Devoted Dad III
lukiassaikul: Devoted Dad II
~sin~star~: just a squirrel doing a double paw tuck
Anne Ahearne: Eastern Cottontail Rabbit
otomomichiko: Famille / Family
moweenaroessingh: Yellow world..
stu8fish: Thick headed fly
Anne Ahearne: Eastern Chipmunk
moweenaroessingh: Love macro photography
indranilc74: Curious 2
Don't Mess With Jim: 02469376423119878-125-20-06-Wild Horse in Cold Creek Nevada-2-Black and White
Don't Mess With Jim: 02469376423119879-125-20-06-Wild Horse in Cold Creek Nevada-3
robertdunn7: First steps
indranilc74: Curious The Lads Sitting In The Garden Doberman Pinscher Kaiser Relaxing On The Garden Swing
otomomichiko: Cane et ses canetons (Duck and her ducklings)
Don't Mess With Jim: 02469376423119875-125-20-06-Wild Colt in Cold Creek Nevada-1
Alvin Gunawan: Slowly!
Anne Ahearne: Big Momma Squirrel
green_lover (your COMMENTS are welcome!): 5/12 Fela in the grass :) Dobermann Pinscher Saxon Dobermann Pinscher Saxon Kaiser Relaxing On Darren’s Bed today.