Emi Yeh: Perfect corner.
Emi Yeh: At my peak.
moonjazz: Bridalveil Falls Sunset , Yosemite National Park, California
Chuck LaChance: Trash Talk
Just*(v)Lasta: ...under the surface and tryin' to pretend...
Emi Yeh: Always ask for more.
Emi Yeh: You are magnetic to me, Mr. Newton.
Emi Yeh: Born to be gorgeous.
Chuck LaChance: Incoming
Emi Yeh: Until Christmas.
Emi Yeh: It's all just chemistry.
Emi Yeh: Don't dream it's over.
beshubee: By William peter shubalis Google my name
Emi Yeh: Surveillance.
Emi Yeh: Hung in the air.
Emi Yeh: Charlotte says, run!
ms. neaux neaux: final product
Emi Yeh: Seasoned.
Emi Yeh: Through multiple lenses to the crossing point.
Guna.flicks: Shades
Emi Yeh: Respect and celebration.
davYd&s4rah: ikˈsplōsiv
moonjazz: Thistles at Sunset
Chuck LaChance: The Eye of the Beholder
Emi Yeh: Back then, I was 16.
Emi Yeh: The game of no return.
Emi Yeh: Virtually fed.
Emi Yeh: Priceless.
Guna.flicks: Cat Pick