rchrdcnnnghm: The Shrine of Our Lady of Knock
rchrdcnnnghm: East Worcester School
rchrdcnnnghm: Sharon Springs Storefront
classic_film: Historic District: Surly Wench Pub, Tucson, AZ
classic_film: Historic Manor at Cailin Court, Glendale, AZ
classic_film: Historic Manor at Cailin Court, Glendale, AZ
rchrdcnnnghm: Bannerman's 2
rchrdcnnnghm: Bannerman's 5
rchrdcnnnghm: Bannerman's 7
rchrdcnnnghm: Bannerman's 6
classic_film: Historic 1898 Red-Brick Church, Holy Family Catholic Church, Jerome, AZ
mikek666: hospital sant creu i pau 3
classic_film: Historic 1930's Church: First Presbyterian Church of Florence, in Florence, AZ
earthdog: Pacific Hotel
Stonepicker+: Brick Abstraction
rchrdcnnnghm: United Presbyterian Church
daviddb: Faces atop the wall
Matteo Allochis: The pigeon
classic_film: Historic Windsor Hotel, Del Norte, CO
daviddb: A door with sticks in front of it
designwallah: Third Eye Blind
earthdog: DSC_4812
Rantz: Betweenness
Stonepicker+: Non-Microsoft Windows
spinadelic: Windows, and Some More Windows
classic_film: Vintage 1891 Red Brick Building, Former Historic Catholic Church, Prescott Center of the Arts, AZ
classic_film: Jets on NYC Street Playground, West Side Story (1961)
Rantz: #Beardo
earthdog: Bricks
KPalette: No Frappuccino for you