JJP in CRW: Sunday morning at the statehouse
billjackson.images: Pipeline Swallowtail
Philip Rathner: Spiney Orb-weaver Spider wrapping an insect in its silk!
boshoggins: Dragonfly
antacletus2000: abejorro negro(xylocopa violacea)
antacletus2000: abejorro negro(xylocopa violacea)
Abey22: Water Ladybird
Abey22: Bulrush Bug
tdlucas5000: September Fly
budak: _Z2A9928 dancing dropwing
Fred Roe: Just a Skipper
André Lanouette: Aschne des pénombres
André Lanouette: Aschne des pénombres
Tigerhase.: You had to bee there!
Kaptured by Kala: Male Broad-winged Skipper In All His Glory
Mauro Hilário: Petal's edge!!!
evakatharina12: Late summer beauties
skjones59: 2021-09-22_09-30-07
strjustin: Bumblebee
Xenia Blanco.: Ischnura heterosticta
Nick Goodrum Photography: banded demoiselle
Ruby 2417: Gray Hairstreak on Sedum
Valerie Levesque-Beaudin: Buffalo treehopper
oandrews: Feeding Blue
oandrews: Adonis Blue
Xx7trey: Carolina mantis (Stagmomantis carolina)
Sunsades: Dead Bee
TPittaway: Acronicta rumicis (Knot grass, larva)