pixelreflux: IMG_2622
pixelreflux: IMG_2623
Ted_Roger_Karson: Honey Bee Feeding On A Purple Aster Flower. Macro Taken With A Samsung S10 Smart Phone 20190919_130848
seneynytrv: Japanese Fiber Lace Front Wig (Base Cap)
strjustin: Pollen Covered Bee
retiredbombero2001: Roadside Beauty
bebopalieuday: Burnsall to Barden 8.9.2019 (18)
Fly Sandman: Predator
Sunsades: Butterfly and Bees
Dave S Beattie: Flower Fly
Joanna Key: Peck's Skipper
Peenty: Eyes in Eyes
Peenty: Is it itchy?
del.hickey: IMG_7681
birder2015 Toronto, Canada: P1270294 124. Eastern Yellow Jacket (Queen) on Goldenrod
Nick Dobbs: Sand Wasp (Podalonia Spp)
Kaptured by Kala: Beautiful Monarch
(Virginie Le Carré): The rain is gone
steffos1986: Vintage lens photography
rmk2112rmk: Hoverfly on Thalictrum, RHS Garden Wisley, Surrey, UK
Ethan.Winning: Swift Forktail Damsel 3051
Insektenflug: Rolf_Nagel-Fl-5766-Coelioxys conoidea
Ethan.Winning: Praying Mantis (Mantodea) 3799
parmrussrap: Porch-light Visitors - Green Lacewing
jaytee27: Common Darter (F) - Sympetrum striolatum
johnlauper: Common Darter (Sympetrum striolatum)
chapichapo2012: Le flambė
parmrussrap: Porch-light Visitors - Dolichopodid Fly