Sam Droege: Black weevil, face, MAGLEV_2020-08-12-18.03.10 ZS PMax UDR
Abey22: Brown Hawker
Abey22: Brown Hawkers
Abey22: Common Darter
Orbmiser: Stalk of Tiny Purple Flowers & Bumble Bee
Treebeard: California Dogface butterfly (female) on White-leaf Monardella
Treebeard: Woodland Skipper butterfly on White-leaf Monardella
Treebeard: Bee Fly (Bombyliidae) on a steel bridge railing
Treebeard: Tiny humpbacked Bee Fly on Wright's Cudweed
strjustin: Asian Lady Beetle
macromerriment: Sometimes the Stars Align!
atone13: Calystegia sepium.
ioensis: 2 Cats
Donald Plourde: Bibitte à fleurs | Flower bug
olwynam1: Silver Y Moth
taylorconcepts1960: Hopper on glass
jgruber111: Robber Fly (Andrenosoma fulvicaudum)
jgruber111: Robber Fly (Dasylechia atrox)
Aves Lux: Green Shield Bug Instar
taylorconcepts1960: Hopper on Basket
Manx John: Scarlet Lily Beetle - Lilioceris lilii
Manx John: Garden Bumblebee - Bombus hortorum
Kaptured by Kala: Goofy Wasp
D Papworth: Peacock Butterfly
jimangelo2019: Southern Dogface 2028
jimangelo2019: Question Mark
jimangelo2019: Queen_3891x
jimangelo2019: Pipevine Swallowtail 1795