nafenic: Bouncing Light
zorromaxi: 1963 Ford Ranchero
noates: Fun in the Sun
noates: Rock Climber
noates: Yellow in Blue
noates: An Evening at the Pier
noates: Saltburn Cliff Tramway
noates: She's Walking the Dog!
noates: Dog Walking
noates: Redcar Rotations
noates: Towards Mam Tor
noates: The Great Ridge
noates: Admiring the View
noates: Walk to the Bridge.
noates: Old Sluice Gate
noates: Snowdrops
noates: Light at the End of the Tunnel.
noates: Crab & Lobster Pots
noates: Drying Rose Hip
noates: Litton Tunnel
noates: Cressbrook Mill
noates: Church of St. Peter & St. Paul, Pickering
Ken Cheng Photography: Belted Kingfisher diving for lunch
Ken Cheng Photography: Belted Kingfisher Skimming Along the Water
noates: The Sun Disappears!
noates: Waiting for Sunset
noates: The Height of Love
noates: Sitting on the Edge of The World
noates: From Edge to Edge