NeoPhotonico: Cockatoo
nortondefeis: Blue-crowned Parakeet / Aratinga-de-testa-azul / Thectocercus acuticaudatus
Olga and Peter: Ringband parkiet smult van de sierappeltjes
sander_sloots: Rose-ringed parakeet
OscarCrookshank: Lunch on the Grass with Cockatoo ou Le déjeuner sur l'herbe avec cacatoès
Loic Joly: A new caledonian rainbow
Pete@1956: halsbandparkiet
heinrich.hehl: Sie sind hier heimisch geworden - They have become at home here
Robert Barone: "That's right, built my own perch."
stevo850: The Muddy Lorikeet
stevo850: Rainbow Lorikeet Feed
stevo850: Rainbow Lorikeet
stevo850: Rainbow Lorikeets
stevo850: Sprinkler War in Kakadu
stevo850: Enchanted
stevo850: On Wings
stevo850: Two Galahs
stevo850: Red-tailed Black Cockatoo 5
stevo850: Red-tailed Black Cockatoo 4
stevo850: Red-tailed Black Cockatoo 3
stevo850: Red-tailed Black Cockatoo 2
stevo850: Major Mitchell Cockatoo 3
stevo850: Mulga Parrot 6
stevo850: Australian Ringneck Parrot 2
stevo850: Mulga Parrot 9
Dimormar!: Gespot.....
tedesco57: Pirate and Blue parrot, El Galeon
JODF: Papagaio
JODF: Pombos torcedores
Mary Bomford: Eastern rosella Platycercus eximius DSC_0921