Phancurio: Where did that come from?
alanchanflor: Sunset
Haydn-Fotografie: togetherness (Donauufer)
Charles W. Bailey, Jr., Digital Artist: Digital Oil Pastel Drawing of a Ruakaka Beach by Charles W. Bailey, Jr.
fs999: Pink Petals
ObsidianUrbex: Trade School Auditorium, USA
avempace2: IMG_3928
Jon Dev: Architectural style: homes in Calgary - #45
Jon Dev: Architectural style: homes in Calgary - #44
Jon Dev: ICM + zoom abstract: lines of red, blue and white
jack byrnes hill: Summer on the Common
angaborz: DSCF9062
paulinpascal: Lors d’une belle promenade non loin de Nendaz (CH) Natural sandbox
Bartonio: Amsterdam, Holland
davidbowden45: Chinatown nyc
Anselmo Portes: just shake it
Jovan Jimenez: Taxi Cabs by Numbers
Gérard Barré: Faces in tram
Through_Urizen: Imperial
Patrick.Raymond (6M views): PAris, Bercy village, 360, 3
Through_Urizen: Reflecting as you fall
byzanceblue: special
Patrick.Raymond (6M views): Lisbonne, Alfama, B&W, 43
Patrick.Raymond (6M views): Paris, petite ceinture, Villette, 4
Madison Historical Society (CT-USA): Chinese Ornate Headdress w/ Kingfisher Feathers
al-ien: Oh yes they do...
Alexandre D_: Bandstand with christmas lights (v.2018)