nagyistvan88: Jug in Rear View
gelein.zaamslag: Solitaire
Gerry Hat Trick: A Red Belted Galloway
Le.Patou: Dans nos vies, y’a un gros cactus ...
donnieking1811: The Inn at Manchester
Keith Midson: Moonah
mineral2150: Pollinator
Didier Auberget Photographie: Contre vents et marées
maczeug2: That's what I call a perfect ten!
Harald Philipp: Dark Swing - Vietnam (Ektar)
paulinegalna: Skipwith Church, North Yorkshire. (Mobile phone shot)
wolfgang.kynast: Autumn leave
Wulf Dieter Vogl: Canadian Adventure
Matjaž Skrinar: Still nature
alcarria XXI: Soportal
Eugenio GV Costa: Quattro gambe buono, due gambe cattivo.- Four legs good, two legs bad. Schnecke im Wald / Snail in the forest
Сontinento: Village life
Omygodtom: Tail Drager.
majka44: apple harvest
Omygodtom: Top Spot.
Thank you, my friends, Adam!: Warm Morning Greeting
Alexandre D_: Extra 330 EVAA
Charles in Shanghai: Propeller of Short Stirling BK716, excavated at Almere, The Netherlands, 2020
Le.Patou: Greased Lightning
Franck Zumella: a yellow toy in water
Matthew Johnson1: Autumn on show