Emi Yeh: Go tell Peter Pan that I've found it!
searchlight557: CN #3254 on the way to Kingsley Pa.
Emi Yeh: Holiday in work.
searchlight557: Smoke'n it up
Emi Yeh: Pleasure is there in the mirror.
Emi Yeh: A glimpse.
Emi Yeh: Through multiple lenses to the crossing point.
searchlight557: Departing Steamtown National Historic Site, Scranton PA.
Emi Yeh: 1, 2, 3, forward.
Emi Yeh: If you want something, go get it.
Emi Yeh: As it is.
Emi Yeh: A taste of orange 💄
Emi Yeh: Life plan.
Emi Yeh: Montage - A woman's worth.
Emi Yeh: The accuracy of a fallout.
Emi Yeh: Drifted mind.
Emi Yeh: The ghost of our dreams, they followed.
Emi Yeh: Afternoon Tea.
Emi Yeh: And we think we are so much smarter than the Mother Nature.
Emi Yeh: It takes two to tangle, and two parallel mind to untangle.
Emi Yeh: In order to spoon for the greatest purpose- a secured life.
Emi Yeh: Imagine...we are all dreamers be as one.
Emi Yeh: What if the fishes meets dandelion someday?
Emi Yeh: Life is a story of keeping one step further than the other foot.
Emi Yeh: Every piece of you is as beautiful as you are.
penelope presley: Lilly heading to Naxos
photombola: safety first
Emi Yeh: To all my loving souls, thank you❤️
Emi Yeh: When there be darkness, light shines brighter through your eyes.
scottnoga: kayla3