Ron Fisher: RD20780. 156465 at Whitby.
Ron Fisher: R9370. BB15021 at the Gare du Nord.
Ron Fisher: R9369. BB15021 at the Gare du Nord.
Ron Fisher: R9372 Paris, Gare du Nord.
yeahwotever: Colchani - Elevacion 3665 m
yeahwotever: Runneymede Station.
std70040: Orange Line at State/Lake
Ron Fisher: RD18927. BOB & SPB at Wilderswil.
std70040: Loughborough Central
std70040: Antibes
Ron Fisher: 1999'R9274. Gare d' Hesdin.
std70040: Cannes local
Ron Fisher: RD18500. Re.460 102 at Luzern.
yeahwotever: Lt. Jenny Lewis RN.
yeahwotever: The Station Building.
yeahwotever: Nestle
std70040: Baiersbronn
std70040: Digne-les-Bains station
std70040: Digne-les-Bains station
std70040: Kleine Scheidegg
std70040: Jungfrau or a hike?
std70040: Schynige Platte
std70040: Departure into the clouds
std70040: SBB metre gauge
std70040: Lauterbrunnen
std70040: Class 66 visitor
std70040: Grindewald arrival
std70040: Echoes of the S&D
std70040: 'Top link' crew
std70040: Consultation