kevincrumbs: Informational Sign
kevincrumbs: Shady Path
kevincrumbs: Lopez Island Farmers Market
kevincrumbs: Poutine Your Mouth
kevincrumbs: Lopez Island Historical Society Museum
kevincrumbs: Parking Lot
kevincrumbs: Lopez Island Heritage Apple Orchard
kevincrumbs: Alternative Spelling
kevincrumbs: Hughes Bay
kevincrumbs: And Looking Back South
kevincrumbs: In the Shade
kevincrumbs: Spencer Spit State Park
kevincrumbs: Frost Island
kevincrumbs: Daylight Hunter Bay
kevincrumbs: Through the Trees
kevincrumbs: From the Top, Looking West
kevincrumbs: Iceberg Point Map
kevincrumbs: From the Top, Looking East
kevincrumbs: Even Further Along Now
kevincrumbs: Treaty of 1908 Marker
kevincrumbs: Looking Back
kevincrumbs: Trail Advisory
kevincrumbs: Driftwood
kevincrumbs: From Above
kevincrumbs: Beyond Iceberg Point
kevincrumbs: Olympic Mountains Across the Strait
kevincrumbs: Rocky Cliffs