MinLi Yang: Nov Rose 11/12
Chrissie2003: Just Art
Wilamoyo: Pink Petals
3scapePhotos: Pastel Gerbera Macro
Maurice P.: The Softness of Spring
PMillera4: Rose
Gatineaujoe: f IMG_2639
Gatineaujoe: f IMG_2617
bryan...: North Coast
andreas.klodt: Yellow and Green
Wulf Dieter Vogl: Primula Belarina Nectarina
Mirrored-Images: Sinuous Curves - Explore 19/02/14
GOR44Photographic@Gmail.com: Freelensing Rose
Mirrored-Images: Radiant Glow
Ruth and Dave: Petals and pollen sprinkles
Richard6975: Apparition en Rouge
Mirrored-Images: Morning Dew
suey_j: Dahlia
cienne45: Nasturzio - Tropaeolum majus
tomderry64: rosa_3
Cyber Monkey: 花見 {hanami II}
katia.: IMG_5845
suey_j: Dahlia
suey_j: Dahlia petals