Margret Maria Cordts: Rocky coastline with a rock squirrel
kirstiecat: Forgive Yourself
kirstiecat: A Touch Sensitive
*мinυtiαe: Can't take my eyes off of you...
kirstiecat: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Are Getting Older
Art-by-Bart (B.Stegman): Climbing barriers
*мinυtiαe: between subtleties aทd delicacies
kirstiecat: Trying to Cross Over Into a Different Alternative Reality
Daniel Poon 2012: Beautiful scene in Morocco
Daniel Poon 2012: macro shot of Alstroemeria
kirstiecat: I Promise I Won't Hurt You
Fleur Duchat: "Fleuris là où Dieu t'a planté." St. François de Sales
kirstiecat: Some Look in the Mirror
goodhike: Graphic Designer in the Desert
goodhike: The Only Friend, My Shadow.
Daniel Poon 2012: Man standing at the tip of the big rock - Atlas Mountains, Morocco
kirstiecat: Life on Mars
Fleur Duchat: "J'ai fait un rêve"
kirstiecat: The Brains of the Forest
jimmychucksmith: Stellar Jay
kirstiecat: You'll Never Make it Out of Here Alive
*мinυtiαe: metαnoiα
Daniel Poon 2012: Countryside seen around Meknes, Morocco