emmeline loves photography: Piece of jewelry
john dyble: Bald eagle-20
john dyble: Owl-24
john dyble: Eagle tallons
Margret Maria Cordts: Aquarium in BW - squid
Margret Maria Cordts: Monterey Bay Aquarium creatures - sea nettle
john dyble: Vulture-1
Art-by-Bart (B.Stegman): Soldier beetle
john dyble: Owl-13
john dyble: Owl-1
john dyble: anemone-2
Art-by-Bart (B.Stegman): Chihuahuan Desert sunset
john dyble: Escallonia (3 of 1)
john dyble: Red Dahlia reflection-1
Art-by-Bart (B.Stegman): Up, up, and away
john dyble: Orange Peel Fungus- Aleuria aurantia-2
Art-by-Bart (B.Stegman): Nature's canvas
Margret Maria Cordts: small blue fringed Iris Japonica
john dyble: Orange Peel Fungus- Aleuria aurantia-1