pw-pix: south-wharf-3362-ps-w
David Cosmo: Duisburg 10
fotofix: Lienz
Dionisius1976: Церковь Покрова на Нерли Church of the Intercession on the Nerl
Daniel´s Pictures - Fine Art of Photography: PARIS - Le Quai des Orfevres ( Muelle de los Orfebres )
dannyhennesy: The Mosque (Islamic Centre) in Malmö and the old TV-tower two Swedish buildings from different decades (architecture photography)
V☭lleKing: Dresden, Sächsisches Staatsministerium der Finanzen
alfwightwick: More London Riverside
Marit Buelens: Sint-Pietersplein, Ghent
Under The Dust: Aegidium-02893
pmorris73: Campus Building
Kuba Petrymusz: Architektura miejska w Benidorm 😎🇪🇸🌴
Grüner Nomade: Gasthaus Post in Vorderriß (II)
Simaron: Ring of Power
grahamwilletts: St Marys Church Tenby
Helgoland01: Wiesbaden: Klassizistisches Wohnhaus Luisenplatz 3
Peter Jaspers: De Bruijne Hondt
Fizzik.LJ: Stanford University
notorious54: Busters Gas
michelelivan2: Zaha Hadid Generali Tower, Milano
upcambornehill: Old mine-stack, West Cornwall
Steffe: Seventy Balcony Cabins
gruhwie: harmonices mundi II.
Daniel ENGELVIN (TWO Millions thanks): 2022-05-23 11h32 Odorheiu Secuiesc: Biserica romano-catolica "Sf. Nicolae"
JLM62380: Dovecote - Ango mansion
L’Arsène: Provence romane: cloister and cathedral of Fréjus
Robby Virus: 100 Van Ness, San Francisco, CA