zairakhan: Southlake. Texas
Rick McCutcheon: 334/365 The Noble Pig Pork Chop
zairakhan: Sacred Heart Church Galveston. Texas
zairakhan: The sky is a canvas painted with dreams.
Maurizio Belisario: L'ira (Attrice - Marinella Del Gaudio) - (ANGER)
Cláudio Gentil: Accurate Shot
Cláudio Gentil: Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel
Rick McCutcheon: 333/365 After Work Cityscape
wolflett1: The Star of the Show
Maurizio Belisario: Lo sconcerto (Attrice - Viviana Mariani) - (DISCONCERTED)
zairakhan: A clock .. Bishop’s Palace... Historical landmark in Galveston, Texas.
Rick McCutcheon: 332/365 Finished Early Eating Pose #21
zairakhan: Congress Avenue suite E1.002. Austin. Texas
Cláudio Gentil: "Humans used to call it sweet home, now witches conspire in the silence of rot" . Cláudio Gentil
Rick McCutcheon: 330/365 Christmas Lights
Filic Marko: Self Portrait
Rick McCutcheon: 329/365 OM LS-P5 Recorder
zairakhan: Austin. Texas
Maurizio Belisario: Attrice - Elena Di Lauro
zairakhan: Meadow land plaza. New Jersey
Rick McCutcheon: 328/365 Five Macarons
zairakhan: Bonnell Dr. Austin. Texas
Maurizio Belisario: Attrice - Monica Cecchini
Carol Ohler: Rosie wishes you a happy holiday season
zairakhan: Bonnell Dr. Austin..Texas
Rick McCutcheon: 327/365 Welcome to Good Life
zairakhan: Long horns
Rick McCutcheon: 326/365 The Long Road
zairakhan: Walking through the silver lining
Maurizio Belisario: Attore - Niccolò Muccio