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thefisch1: Earth Curve Clouds
thefisch1: Fence Leverage, Kansas, U.S.A., Flint Hills Region
thefisch1: Plains Panorama Sunset
thefisch1: Black and Orange, and don't miss the robins.
thefisch1: Hawk on the Wing 1 and 2
thefisch1: Morning Lightning 2
Karen&Guy: Roadside Sunset
Karen&Guy: Canyon of the Blackwater River
Karen&Guy: The Sun Sets Over Paris, Kentucky
Karen&Guy: Sheldon Reynolds Falls in Ricketts Glen
thefisch1: Frozen Pond with Log and Moss [seen in Explore]
thefisch1: No More Spring for This One
thefisch1: Edge of the Storm
thefisch1: Driftwood and Pool on Kansas River
thefisch1: Neat Cloud Series 12 of 12
thefisch1: Neat Cloud Series 3 of 12
thefisch1: 20190202_9608
thefisch1: 8 second exposure of T-Storm, Kansas, U.S.A.
thefisch1: Captured
thefisch1: Another Kansas Sunset
thefisch1: Jackson County Sunrise 2 of 4
thefisch1: Jackson County Sunrise, Kansas, U.S.A.
thefisch1: South Pasture Sunset 7 of 10
thefisch1: Hurricane Isaac Effect 2012, Kansas. U.S.A.