thefisch1: Kansas Wildflower--the new born, the living,and the dead
thefisch1: Trapped
thefisch1: Flinthills Rocky Sunset
Marcandalli Mauro Angelo: Ricordi di primavera
Marcandalli Mauro Angelo: Era sempre primavera
thefisch1: Dragonfly
thefisch1: Turning Hawk
thefisch1: Tree in Silo
thefisch1: Sycamore Roots
thefisch1: Immature Blue Birds in My Backyard
thefisch1: Playing Clouds and Contrails
thefisch1: Sundog, 13 Mar 2015
thefisch1: Fallen Tree
thefisch1: Colorado Mule Buck in Velvet
Marcandalli Mauro Angelo: Alba al borgo Camuzzago; Bellusco (Mb)
Pedro1742: Giants' nest...
Pedro1742: end of the storm...
Pedro1742: artistic pot...
Pedro1742: Hojas...
Pedro1742: at the balcony...
thefisch1: Incongrous Bus 2 With Swallows
thefisch1: Kansas Sunflower
Jose Manuel Cano: Una tarde más
thefisch1: Fire or Sunset
Marcandalli Mauro Angelo: Quell'angolo in cui l'Adda è puro spettacolo