A.K. 90: Portrait
Jon in Thailand: ,, The Dog Palace, Ms Molly, The Courtyard ,,
Luan.F: Django
Luan.F: Silhouette
Luan.F: Unknown
Luan.F: Akira
A.K. 90: Dude, where are the treats
Jon in Thailand: ,, Mr Kind Monk & Crew ,,
imaaesd2u: I couldn't decide, color or black and white? Anywho, Happy Wing Wednesday! ✌😊
petique.pets: Adorable fur ball
believerj316: I treed her!!
believerj316: Punkin
Andy J Newman: Mournful
gedaesal: Merlin - the cat - GEA03354
A.K. 90: and action
Jon in Thailand: ,, Pumpkin Pie ,,
Jon in Thailand: ,, Mr Bone ,,
Luan.F: Perro verde
hillspeed20: Sonny in summer
obro100: IMG_20200225_170311657_BURST000_COVER_TOP
obro100: IMG_20200225_170330410_BURST000_COVER_TOP
emma bay: Tatí the sleepy whippet
Jon in Thailand: ,, Baby Bean Brain ,,
petique.pets: cat on the box
Jim Hoover Photography: A little bit of Irish
weinermobile: Peanut
Dad from Hell: Waffles the floating pupper