Aaron F. Stone: USS Arleigh Burke going through James P. Coleman Memorial Bridge
Aaron F. Stone: USS Arleigh Burke going through James P. Coleman Memorial Bridge
Robby Gragg: Downtown Aurora
Welsh photographs - Thanks for 10 Million views: Reflections on the Afon Dysynni at Tywyn, Gwynedd, Wales (CW04 186)
goodhike: Rosslyn, VA, view from C&O Canal
SirLuso65: Cais Palafitico (Carrasqueira) Portugal
olwynam1: Marple Canal, Stockport
olwynam1: Heading to the bottom of Marple Aqueduct, Stockport.
EC Leatherberry: California, San Francisco Bay, Golden Gate Bridge From the Rear of Holland America Lines Ship "Nieuw Amsterdam"
Seth Gaines: Bridge New Bremen, OH2
Seth Gaines: Bridge New Bremen, OH
Steve Chasey Photography: K3II-020420-021
coopertje: Hooglandse Kerk Leiden
alexcalver: Fathorse Bridge
tomk-p1959: U Bahnbrücke über den Osterbekkanal
wavz13: The Upper West Side and construction of the George Washington Bridge. I'm confused about the machines. (the 1st helicopter flight was on Sept 14, 1939). Any guess as to what they might be is greatly appreciated. New York. Aug 1929
loose_grip_99: Great Central Railway Birstall Leicestershire 11th April 2021
ralph&dot: The New and the Old Bridges
terry.redeker: Rock Island Rail RI 1106 (GP15-1) Lurand, Mississippi
millicand79@gmail.com: Clun Bridge & River Clun, Clun, Shropshire, England.
Zach K: Franklin Shuttle Bridge in the Morning
colin9007: A Hornby train-set of a train crosses Dandry Mire viaduct approaching Garsdale station in 1984
London Less Travelled: Railway Near Crofton Park
Jasperdo: Chelan, Washington
www.jhluxton.com - John H. Luxton Photography: L1060758_02 - The Old Bridge - Fernworthy - Dartmoor - Devonshire
Jean-Louis DUMAS: Chicago River
billpan45: A Silent Sunrise Over Glassy Water
fcsanjuan: 10M_7971
olwynam1: On top of Marple Aqueduct with Marple Viaduct to the Left.