BarryFackler: penciled in
KennyB Images: Momma Barred Feeding her Owlet
Doug's Graphics: 2020_05_20_5DMk4_14451
naomilandsk: Canela
Donald Plourde: Sur le départ / Just leaving
Victor Z. hilltrendusa: Sunset lakeside duck, Lake Mary Florida -241
DKordella: Heron photobombing a bee
DKordella: I can hear the 'Three Stooges' theme
BarryFackler: Spotted Coral Blenny III
Bear Dale: Yellow thornbill
strjustin: Baby Downy Woodpecker
Merrillie: Greyhound rugged up in coat at the Lagoon
Hiro sensei photos: F957 Chestnut-side Warbler, A55P0435
heights.18145: GG3 @ 8:32 PM
richardjack57: Turtles
mgolding2112: Apple Photos Document
dgangle: Red-shouldered Hawk - up close
strjustin: Baltimore Oriole
mgolding2112: 21CDE93E-F842-4ECF-9EAF-573A537C2E8A_1_201_a
spankythemonkey: You can't see me,Spearfish South Dakota
crispiks: Nankeen kestrel
okiox: Great egret's long beak breaks the water. Ardea alba
J.Thomas.Barnes: Red-winged Blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus)
paulsanchez7: Cliffs of Moher,04
stoddy89: Squirrel London St James Park
Joe Daly: Lazy day
cseeman: Backyard Red & Fox Squirrels (Ypsilanti, Michigan) - 146/2020 349/P365Year12 4366/P365all-time (May 25, 2020)