Fotofricassee: A stormy night. A walk through a bucolic setting, and then...
Gentleman Jewel Thief: R.A.D Quote 1822
amarcord108: Zen Hoarding
Fotofricassee: The London Eye meets the London Nose!
Fotofricassee: The mark of great leadership is the ability to effectively command a team into battle, even when hamstrung by an inferior, or worse, absent uniform!
Fotofricassee: That look you give when you realize you're being sculpted NAKED!
Gentleman Jewel Thief: The Gullible Ones
Fotofricassee: Art Imitating Life
Fotofricassee: Girls just want to have fun!
amarcord108: The Wall Goes Up, 1961
Fotofricassee: Said tour guide asks, "Where's Waldo?", and gets nothing but blank stares back.
amarcord108: Won't Cha?
Fotofricassee: OK, I'm Impressed!
Fotofricassee: In Rome, it is customary for the pending groom to fete his soon-to-be mother-in-law by having her prance around the town square, dressed as Brunnehilde.
CharlieChan InRio: peter lorre
Fotofricassee: I wonder if da Vinci gave any thought to terminal velocity in his flying hypotheses.
amarcord108: The Red Room-After Matisse
amarcord108: A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
amarcord108: Is There A Graphic Artist in The House?
amarcord108: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
amarcord108: Forward with flags aflutter
Fotofricassee: The Battersea construction project has disrupted the local ecosystem.
Fotofricassee: What's wrong with this scene?
amarcord108: Gentlemen Of A Sort
amarcord108: Something In Your Smile
amarcord108: This Train
Fotofricassee: The Brady Bunch 2019.
amarcord108: Plaza del Sol, Sun City, AZ
Fotofricassee: I'm channeling Oliver Wendell Douglas (Eddie Albert) from Green Acres....
Fotofricassee: Their secret on-again, off-again, office romance began to spill over into the boardroom.