CharlieChan InRio: corvette pilot
amarcord108: The History of the World is Only Part of the Story
amarcord108: tombstones
amarcord108: Code Blue
amarcord108: The Death of Art
Fotofricassee: Even in a pandemic, Ethel could not stop singing at the top of her lungs!
amarcord108: Be Nowhere Now
amarcord108: I Love Missing You
Fotofricassee: No, he wasn't Scottish. Yes, he was a sexual dynamo. No, he didn't comb his hair.... EVER!
Fotofricassee: On December 17, 1903, the Wright Brothers launched their first successful flight. These two former bicycle mechanics were largely unknown to the public.
amarcord108: Andy, Valerie and the Aftermath of their Encounter
amarcord108: Art Trap
amarcord108: Aux Barricades! Bring the Guns! Librarians at the Gate!
amarcord108: Winged Victory of Samothrace
amarcord108: At the lawn party the gay flamingo dancers put on a stunning performance of Marat/Sade.
CharlieChan InRio: message from god
amarcord108: Day Of The Dad
CharlieChan InRio: at 50 everyone has the face they deserve - George Orwell
amarcord108: The schoolmaster was lost in the nostalgia for a past that never was.
amarcord108: Club Car On The Ghost Train
amarcord108: What Did You Do In The War, Daddy?
amarcord108: Mystic Pyramids 3AM Opening The Door
amarcord108: On The Road Again
amarcord108: Break Dancing In Berlin
CharlieChan InRio: colour version
amarcord108: Posing in the Snow
amarcord108: The Night Closet
amarcord108: Catray
CharlieChan InRio: reflection