ohpositif: La Rochelle
stevesmythe: Canada Geese on hillside
debbydebster78: Little fox
dbadair: Osprey Inflight with a Ladyfish
Fizzy Lifting Drinks: Looking Into the Past
vaneramos: First snow among the beeches
John Brighenti: No Bloody II, III or IV...
vaneramos: Square-foot garden
Gary Lee Todd, Ph.D.: Duluth Ship Canal & Lighthouse
vaneramos: Cattails at Laurel Creek Reservoir
StriderNguyen: shirakawa village in Winter
suhail0001: Old City Hall in Toronto at Sunrise
CJ Pictures: Mr Zane
J.C. Stone: Lights
W. von Zeidler: Roche Towers
mfnure31: Wind Storm 32
W. von Zeidler: Birs Kraftwerk Insel
Patricia Henschen: Icing on the Lake
Don Dunning: Merlin (Falco columbarius)
Glen Bledsoe: Silver Falls 011
Queen of the Swarm: Off to where the grass is greener
Owl Prints: Helleborus × hybridus
rollie rodriguez: Osprey In Flight, Mono Lake, California
Marco Polli: Born to be wild
mfnure31: Wind Storm 6
CJ Pictures: At Sunset
suhail0001: The Hudson River and New Jersey from the Edge in New York