Merrillie: Clear skies sunrise seascape
Merrillie: Sunset Light over the Lake
Scott lee hansen: R2 Sun WARS
Photo_Mich: P1250021 1
wos---art: 20201024 Sonne im Schaabe-Wald / sun in the Schaabe forest
wos---art: 20201025 the sun ain't gonna shine any night
wos---art: 20201025 always sunwards
Birdy/Thierry: Coucher de soleil.
wos---art: 20201025 sunset at the bay / Sonnenuntergang am Bodden
SaleFaca Design: Burg Rötteln
SaleFaca Design: Burg Rötteln 2
Gareth Priest: Fire in the sky
klausullmann: Sonnenuntergang auf Hallig Hooge
Merrillie: Clear skies sunrise seascape
shixart1985: Woman sitting on a trunk of an old vintage car and reading a book.
wos---art: IMG_20201010_182901_Regen über MV / rain at the A20
shixart1985: Woman sitting on a roof of a vintage car and reading a book.
shixart1985: Model sitting on the roof of a car with a book near her and fixing her hair.
Gareth Priest: Golden hour or judgment day
shixart1985: Woman with sunglasses posing on the front seat of a car.
isatsara: DSC09782
isatsara: 2020-10-03_06-18-00
Gareth Priest: See Red
shixart1985: A woman sitting on a car and reading the book in nature at the sunset.
Super Fuzz: Belle Isle
Gareth Priest: On a sunny afternoon
Scott lee hansen: Standing Sunwise
tanja-trees: Die Schönheit der Dinge lebt in der Seele dessen, der sie betrachtet ( David Hume)
Gareth Priest: The wonder of sunset
Jonathan Horne: Glassy Reflections