Ackteon: Vénus Accroupie à Champs sur Marne
leo.roos: Mother and Child at the crossroads
heraldeixample: Espinalba (també Espinauga), Vall de Camprodon, Ripollès, Girona, Catalunya.
Buoscio_Fine_Art: Joseph Henry statue, Smithsonian Castle
Marc_714: Reaching Out
Hyspaosines: khasekhem front
edk7: Statues in the shadows - antiquities garden, Capitoline Museums complex, Campidoglio, Rome
j_on_tour: Owls GJC_IMG_8620
ValKamch: Wat Phnom_1683
Steve Chasey Photography: K3II-250519-014
Tico Productions: Brian Clough statue
FotoFling Scotland: Statue of George IV at Royal Pavilion in Brighton
FotoFling Scotland: Statute to commemorate a UK Monarch's first visit to Scotland in 200 years 20200620-0022 20200620-0021 20200620-0017
danniepolley: Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
Ampersand72: Laguna Gloria_Fantasy
j. kunst: Igor Stravinsky
Joseph Hollick: Wooden Sculpture of Logger, Minden, Ontario
justL1209: A Thought to Consider
simonebianchi1: 19.03.24,1110p
Steve Chasey Photography: K3II-090320-064
Nigel Turner: Romanesque Carvings, The Norman Gate, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
SomeBlokeTakingPhotos: IMG_8962 Myth - Damien Hirst