LaDryadaJessica: Dark absence
Harsubagh: the right forward lark
Pierre-Plante: mani-2824
Pierre-Plante: mani-2825
LaDryadaJessica: Aux Errances Dryadiques
Pacific NW / Nor Cal Surveyor: Layered Dimensions
Macs Pics: Light and shade
Klaus Ressmann: LoveCode.jpg
jAm=opticalMaterialist: i used to buy plasticine there
Pacific NW / Nor Cal Surveyor: Big Brother Is Always Watching
Pacific NW / Nor Cal Surveyor: Fluidity & Stationary Meanings
rollerkiki8: Trying to get ahead...
rollerkiki8: Sue Hue
Pacific NW / Nor Cal Surveyor: The Life of the Party
tmurphyphoto: The Mystical Chamber
LaDryadaJessica: Au travers ...
Klaus Ressmann: FrameWork.jpg
jus tt for fun: A Day Away
*Kaye's Imagery*: Patchwork tree
Harsubagh: lost closet
studiodobs: Azrieli Center in progress
tmurphyphoto: New World Design
Pacific NW / Nor Cal Surveyor: Moody Uncertainties
Klaus Ressmann: Distress.jpg
Tim Noonan: The Man Abstract
Paul B0udreau: Digital Art from a Blank Canvas CDXVI
a.fetting: Louise Bourgeois´ "Maman" Spider
LaDryadaJessica: Aux Errances Dryadiques
Pierre-Plante: mani-2817