denisbin: Port Pirie. Stained glass windows of St Mark in St Mark's Catholic Cathedral. Opened in 1953.
rod1691: O'Side Harbor Dawn 1-9-22-21-5Dii-17X40
denisbin: Port Pirie. Aboriginal dot painting in the Regional Art Gallery.
Guillaume Lefebvre: La mer me manque
Sellassi Mic: DSC_7002
Andy WXx2009: Ice Maidens
Pierre Verhoeven: Behangwinkel Priem @ Gent
Mark_65: germano reale
ljmpxgye94: DSCN9047
Richard Mouser: Short Day at Denali
shadobb: ***
Eneritz Uriarte: Contraluz
Richard Mouser: A Walk for You, A Walk for Me
juniq2050: strohgedecktes Haus in Zingst
alpha du centaure: Etang de Bolmon
John Hewitt 7: Cafeteria With a View
John Hewitt 7: Oenologists need apply
Sissi Bi: Tempus fugit Super Mario Zombie
sarrabade: P9250232
sarrabade: P9250261
pacodonderis: Rebollons
Michael Kalognomos: I will survive...
Russ Thorne Art Photography: 2021-09-18-bang-saray-pier-fishing-boats-IMG_1606
Jeff-Photo: aigues mortes
JLM62380: Number 6