lamarstyle: Mary at Indian Lake boat dock
Andre T 44: Côte de la Fabrique….
Andre T 44: Abstrac in Black
Ralph Apeldoorn: Valnontey
lamarstyle: My version of Guac Salad
lamarstyle: You never can tell what is up there, in the tops of those trees
lamarstyle: Burn Barrel
djwhite4289: A castle at Sea
Andre T 44: Qui est la
Andre T 44: Le Château hanté
Andre T 44: New friend
Ralph Apeldoorn: Valnontey
Ralph Apeldoorn: Valnontey
lamarstyle: In the process of choosing new glasses
lamarstyle: Misty
lamarstyle: This morning mist made me think of Van Morrison
lamarstyle: Brings to mind "Blue Bayou" by Linda Ronstadt
Andre T 44: La mouille
Andre T 44: Window shooting in Black
Andre T 44: D’Youville Square
Andre T 44: Night shot
RT McLean: aiken-rhett house
RT McLean: Harvest Grass
lamarstyle: Better read the sign if you don't have a key,
lamarstyle: Do you have a key ?
Macs-photo: Torino
Andre T 44: Lignes in Black……
Andre T 44: Je met la main à la plume pour écrire un mot