stochasticmotions: Sticking his neck out
Chris Ehrlich Photography: Sapphire Valley 2019 1
johnatkins2008: Great Tit 12/11/19.
1 denis williams: Cormorant
titidylan: Autumn colors 7
nasser.azli1: Unidentifiable Mushrooms
JS_71: Red squirrel
Fred Roe: Another summer beauty
Rhonda in TN: Fall into Winter Mood 2019
amdolu: Husum
Tony Worrall: Autumn colour at Avenham Park, Preston
mousse.annick: Champignon . Mushrooms .
moonjazz: Attack of the Moonjellies
myldj: 3K4A3265
stochasticmotions: Who needs opposable thumbs
didier.camus: IMG_0241-242
johnatkins2008: Great Spotted Woodpecker 11/11/19.
1 denis williams: Lest we forget (Explored)
Fred Roe: Black and Blue Neckargemünd Neckar Shore - October 2019 I
Txantxiku: Colores de otoño
aorg1961 stalked by Suipixel: Boletus pinophilus DSCF6307
plot19: Sunrise
piotrekfil: August glare
FegiR: Gerzensee
KaushikMunish: Ashy Prinia