jimbobphoto: Joyus Leap
stochasticmotions: Fast moving wing tips
brookeipse: a summer favorite - hydrangea
boettcher.photography: A perfect Pinecone - July 2019 III
1 denis williams: " Mmmm,that was a nice change,i enjoyed that"
aorg1961 stalked by Suipixel: Calla palustris DSCF5308
dave harrison143: Greenfinch.
michalispapafilis: Nothing else only sunset!!!! Loutraki summer 2019
Fred Roe: All aboard
Txantxiku: Circo de Gavarnie
Tony Worrall: The canal is still pretty green
katiepie89: IMG_7177 Great Blue Heron Fishing
sirhowardlee: Shore of Ressurection bay
dcstep: Black Swallowtail Butterfly On Thistle
stochasticmotions: Hover bird
Fred Roe: Popular meeting place
Dr.NC: Domestic Fly
roba66: MEXIKO, Yucatán , Hacienda Sotuta de Peón, Sisalplantage, 19081/11741
Robertoboy - Creative Nature & Wildlife: Wild Teasel (dipsacus sylvestris)
jimbobphoto: Super Yellow Goldfinch
katiepie89: IMG_8429 Little Sparrow Among the Weeds
alanpeacock2: Rainbow Wall
Balticaa: Amazing Seaside Rock Cliff Waterfall
stochasticmotions: A bug went by
Ren Ato: julho-6605
1 denis williams: Great Crested Grebes(J)
aorg1961 stalked by Suipixel: Hydrocotyle vulgaris DSCF5312e