MoparMadman63: Machine head
Marcandalli Mauro Angelo: Papaverando lugno l'Adda
ratexla (protected by Pixsy): 20170718_08 Huge, injured bedstraw hawkmoth (Hyles gallii) rescued from a public restroom in Zweilütschinen, Switzerland
MoparMadman63: Nature's arraignment includes buttons
ratexla (protected by Pixsy): 20190720_1 Pinesap (Monotropa hypopitys), a chlorophyll-less plant, near Alingsås, Sweden. I had never seen them before...
Ivan Radic: Close-up picture of a snail desperately trying to stay on a flower stem
Ivan Radic: Close-up focused picture of a snail sliding down a flower stem
Marcandalli Mauro Angelo: Trasparenze ... solari
Marcandalli Mauro Angelo: Flora del fiume Adda
1mike69: Out of the dark
JMS2: Key Number
Ivan Radic: Close-up shot of dandelion petal held between fingers
Ivan Radic: Extreme closeup of a dandelion petal in the palm of the hand. Symbol of beauty hidden in small things
Ivan Radic: Focused cockroach on a green leaf
CharmaineZoe's Marvelous Melange: Miniature Perfume Bottles - Sheet 2
CharmaineZoe's Marvelous Melange: Miniature Perfume Bottles - Sheet 1
quytd45: DSCF9318-Wb
Marcandalli Mauro Angelo: Lungo il corso del fiume Adda
Marcandalli Mauro Angelo: flora e fauna dell'Adda
CharmaineZoe's Marvelous Melange: Spiral Macro - Party Streamers
CharmaineZoe's Marvelous Melange: Broken Glass - Macro
CharmaineZoe's Marvelous Melange: Small Model of the Cutty Sark, famous tea trade clipper ship
CharmaineZoe's Marvelous Melange: Coalport Cottage Pastel Burner (The Parasol House)
CharmaineZoe's Marvelous Melange: Ludwigsburg 18th Century Custard Cup
JMS2: Ribbon Spirals
Marcandalli Mauro Angelo: Insetto Prezioso