b n khazanchi: Common Taylor Bird
Anni - with camera - away for a little bit: Scaly-breasted Lorikeets...
smkeereweer: Black-bellied Whistling-Duck
wesleybarr1962: Cute roof on my house
b n khazanchi: Pigeon preening feathers
ross.photography: _W1A6623-web
Adam Swaine: Little Summer Wren
harish_sundararaman: Duet - in times of crisis. That's a way to LIVE
harish_sundararaman: Stage performance 3 - mid air dual/duet
b n khazanchi: Red Whiskered Bulbul
harish_sundararaman: Stage performance 2 - mid air dual/duet
ReiK@n: Slavonian Grebes (Podiceps auritus)
harish_sundararaman: Stage performance 1 - mid air dual/duet
harish_sundararaman: Mid air Martial Arts
harish_sundararaman: You are mine now...
marco.federmann: Graureiher mit Fisch im Schnabel
Adam Swaine: Eurasian collared dove..(Lenham church)
roysalomonsen: European greenfinch, male and female
ross.photography: _W1A6633-web
James_Preece: Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo F(top) & M - Close up, this pair were preening each other, taken on a visit to my mother's place thanks to the slight relaxation of Covid restrictions
James_Preece: Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo F(top) & M
kaius.artimo: Mergus serrator
Stu McCannell: Couples event
marco.federmann: Graureiher macht eine Pause
Crismicol: Great tit on a coconut feeder
b n khazanchi: Prinia setting him/her self for breakfast