Michael Cereghino (Avsfan118): J.B. Hunt DCS Freightliner Cascadia Dacyab, Truck# 360196
Californiagal22: IMG_0092
Biblioteca Camionera: Freightliner FLD 12064 ST Raised Roof Condo / Transportes Tilo
secret squirrel6: Corvino of Longford Freightliner at Mirboo North
The WI Diesel Ranch: i like mine well done
The WI Diesel Ranch: woody woodpecker
secret squirrel6: Freightliner at Leongatha
Biblioteca Camionera: Freightliner FLB 9064 T / Servimec
Michael Cereghino (Avsfan118): Ian Williams Willig Freight Lines Freightliner FLA
secret squirrel6: Freightliner
atkipete: Ross Freightliner Argosy
frednurks: IMG_7090
The WI Diesel Ranch: eagle feather
The WI Diesel Ranch: dealt in spades
Scottyb28: Gore Earthmoving - Freightliner Columbia
Californiagal22: IMG_0008
bkbellamack: IMG_9398
PAcarhauler: Freightliner: Apple Lines Inc #475
Californiagal22: IMG_1489
rikigraham13, Perth WA.: Centurion Transport (PM247) Freightliner Coronado north of Port Hedland, WA
secret squirrel6: Freightliner
rikigraham13, Perth WA.: Centurion Transport (PM274) Freightliner Argosy
The WI Diesel Ranch: royal chess
The WI Diesel Ranch: main street stroll