cormack13: On The Road
cormack13: Buffalo
cormack13: Pinnacle
Comiccreator24: Lonely Nova Scotia Road
Comiccreator24: Lonesome Highway
cormack13: This Old House
Comiccreator24: Approaching Summer Storm
Comiccreator24: The Road Not Taken
Comiccreator24: Sopchoppy, Florida
Comiccreator24: Casselberry, Florida
Comiccreator24: Seminole County, Florida
Comiccreator24: No Outlet
Comiccreator24: Hudson Ave (Explored)
Comiccreator24: Into The Storm
cormack13: Hwy 7
Comiccreator24: Palm Beach County, Florida
Comiccreator24: Palm Beach County, Florida
Gate Gustafson: Elsewhere... [after the boys of summer have gone]
Gate Gustafson: The typewriter's ball
cormack13: Beam Me Up
Gate Gustafson: High anxiety [Pepper's wonderous stories]
cormack13: Pecan Alley
Gate Gustafson: Parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme
Gate Gustafson: A different set of rules
Gate Gustafson: Bus stop
Chatwick Harpax: This is where the mysterious stranger had whispered to meet, Why
Almost.Blonde: iron road
Almost.Blonde: the green mile