ulla.smidt-berner: ... sketch the trees and the daffodils... πŸŽΆπŸ’™ (link to the music below)
Arturo Nahum: Innocence
ulla.smidt-berner: Water creatures on a cloudy day (and a touch of reality) ;)
ulla.smidt-berner: Poles and Patterns
stevensiegel260: Suburban Snow Scene 111
Arturo Nahum: Capuchin
Rusty Russ: Reeds and Pond - Version 2
W Horton: 12-Ireland, Killary - stone wall & hydrangea - edit with paint & texture effect
O'Brien Photography: Deep in thought
boriches: Brrrrrrr...
adventurcrazy: Paradis CA
ulla.smidt-berner: Poetree HSoS 🌿
AdamsWife: flowers and bottles
Arturo Nahum: Andalusian horse
Ringwald Péter: October in the park
ulla.smidt-berner: Slices of food
odinvadim: Winter day on the lake.
adventurcrazy: Half Dome CA
Arturo Nahum: Osaka castle
adventurcrazy: Paradis CA
Arturo Nahum: Japanese lady
Candy McDonald: Waiting for Spring...
ramon.1136: Ågvatnet