BV Ashok: KTE WDG - 3A
Cetus13: a coach of Indian railways
Cetus13: WDM4 diesel locomotive of Indian Railways
Cetus13: powerfull ceiling fans in sleeper class tiertier
Cetus13: air-condishioned coach - A.C. tier of Indian Railways at Haridwar Train Station
Cetus13: WAG7 electrcic locomotive of Indian Railways
lost_in.trains: DSCN0236-1
BV Ashok: MZL - KCG Pass.
Hardcore Alcohaulic: Probably the most beautiful capture of Prancing deer !
TheIZNYDM4: Emerges... The Tiger of North Eastern Railways
TheIZNYDM4: Last train of the day from Bahraich to Mailani
TheIZNYDM4: 15003 Chauri Chaura Express
BV Ashok: NSL - TPTY Special
Puru P Dixit (Die hard RF): 13484 Farakka Express
BV Ashok: YPR - DEE Duronto Exp.
Chavali Anirudh: First run of 2723 Telangana in LHB Avatar!
Cetus13: WDM-2 Diesel locomotive of Indian Railways
Cetus13: hopper of Indian Railways
Don Gatehouse: Chiheru Amritsar Express
Puru P Dixit (Die hard RF): 14724 Kalindi Express
sriguru05: Only One of its Kind - Kingfisher Baldie
TheRailCruiser: BGKT WDP4D 40088 with 14853 Marudhar Express
sriguru05: Kingfisher Duos with Tatanagar - Yesvantpur Express
TheRailCruiser: BRC WAP7 30474 with 12951 BCT NDLS Rajdhani Express
The Alco Safaris: 190426_05
The Alco Safaris: 190426_03
The Alco Safaris: 190426_01
BV Ashok: SNSI - VSKP Exp.
BV Ashok: ED WAG - 7