Artarina-jewelery: Filigree hand weaved pendant with green stone
Artarina-jewelery: Copper wire wrap pendant
Artarina-jewelery: Mens heady Wire wrapped pendant
Artarina-jewelery: Wire wrapped light blue amazonite protection amulet necklace
Artarina-jewelery: Science fiction fantasy unisex accessory
Artarina-jewelery: Minimal spiral necklace Sacred symbol Wire wrapped jewelry
Artarina-jewelery: Rustic style pendant | Alternative New age natural jewelry
Artarina-jewelery: Sterling silver wire wrapped pendant necklace
Artarina-jewelery: Cute Very Small round moon shape necklace with green peridot
Artarina-jewelery: Bright orange carnelian stone sterling silver enamel and wire wrap pendant
Artarina-jewelery: Druid jewelry | Rustic small tiny wire wrapped silver necklace
Artarina-jewelery: Round steampunk magical labradorite copper pendant
Artarina-jewelery: Geek role playing heart pendant
Artarina-jewelery: Forest spirit elven style wire woven pendant
Artarina-jewelery: Fantasy wire wrapped copper necklace
Artarina-jewelery: Fantasy wire wrap pendant
Artarina-jewelery: Fantasy moonstone necklace
Artarina-jewelery: Fantasy labradorite necklace
Artarina-jewelery: Fantasy elven wire wrap labradorite necklace pendant
Artarina-jewelery: Fantasy elven moonstone pendant
Artarina-jewelery: Epic fantasy copper geek necklace
Artarina-jewelery: Enchantress necklace
Artarina-jewelery: Elven wire wrapped jewelry pendant
Artarina-jewelery: Elven tree of life pendant
Artarina-jewelery: Long bronze forest fairy epic fantasy jewelry
Artarina-jewelery: Elven multifire labradorite necklace
Artarina-jewelery: Elven forest spiritual pendant necklace
Artarina-jewelery: Elven fairy moonstone handcrafted unique necklace
Artarina-jewelery: Unique handmade animal elephant
Artarina-jewelery: Elephant copper wire wrapped necklace