EmperorNorton47: San Joaquin Marsh, Thanksgiving Day 2020
EmperorNorton47: Thanksgiving 2020: Pelican pretends to be a turkey
sanfrancisco2005: Ikebana and Float Boat at Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum in Seattle, Washington
Tom Mortenson: Manitowish River
Tom Mortenson: Wild Turkey
sanfrancisco2005: American Blue Eyed Grass aka Sisyrinchium montanum at Bruhel Point Trail along Highway 1, CA
eschweik: Shot oven, Fort Macon, near Beaufort NC
strictly analog: eagle portrait: right
strictly analog: migratory geese
incognito7nyc: The Plaza Hotel & Solow Building in Grand Army Plaza 5th Ave E59 St near Central Park Manhattan New York City NY P00728 DSC_0299
rvjak: Lake Powell
mbell1975: Trees and boulders along the Canal at Great Falls C&O National Historical Park in Autumn - Potomac MD
draketoulouse: 21 - You Can't Heal...
Paul D McCarthy: Bricks Leaves & Blue Berries
jim mcmellen: Smile, my hearts out to ya... : )
kirstiecat: The Mothers
Gilbert Mercier: COVID-19 chronicles: face mask & Corona on display
ancientlives: Prepared
Shannon Rose O'Shea: Worn slap out
Bradley Joines: US Capitol 4
Mrs.WQ: Autumn Awesomeness #37
Mrs.WQ: Connecticut Seascapes and Sunsets #83
tquist24: Branford Point Sunset 3)
Bernard Spragg: St. Louis Cemetery No. 3.
Dollhouse699: snowmen-melt-my-heart
ArtFan70: Celeste Holm [from Hollywood Walk Of Fame]
Susie_D52: Sangres Week 48 112620