;-) SHAGGY: 'Thank god its over'
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Studio d'Xavier: Sunset Road
__Daniele__: Sofia VIII
Anoop Negi: Theyyam at Kottayampovil !
una cierta mirada: Contemplación
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Studio d'Xavier: Four Things You Can Legally Do with a Lollipop in Louisiana *
Stéphane Giner: Philippe
Edvina Meta: Soni Malaj
Christine Lebrasseur: Hors les murs
anka_zhuravleva: a girl from a library
oldmirror: groundless worship
mdvagua: borja
nimitnigam: Faces of Nandgaon
Ghazanfar Javed: Devotee at shrine .
oprisco: ***
Florian Weiler: [ m. a. i. ]º06
Me an Atheist (Krzysiek Śliwaq): I will not play the piano
PierSparrowPhoto: Emotional portrait