` Toshio ': The London Underground in the United Kingdom
Studio d'Xavier: The Red King
karma (Karen): bushes clipped and turning red
dw*c: Gaultier at the NGV, Melbourne
buddhadog: Tim the Philadelphia Apple Store Rep
deja blue: mirror image
WanderingPJB: Drummer aboard the Trem do Corcovado - Paineiras Station - Rio De Janeiro Brazil
WanderingPJB: Boxed shiny red pomegranates - Yasuj Iran
karma (Karen): looking more like winter now
rollerkiki8: NYEDWS
jah32: REMEMBRANCE 2019 9
dominotic: 2019 Sydney: LEGO® Certified Store Broadway
Karen_Chappell: Christmas Colours in November
Karen_Chappell: Japanese Maple
pawprints: a rose by any other....
Wendy:: HBM from path above Vico road
buddhadog: Lots of Balls in Black and White - 9984
dw*c: Melbourne
Pixel Packing Mama ~ 30 Million Views: My Aunt Dorothy, If Still Alive, Would be 117 Years Old Today, November 17, 2019
Larraine Leslie: November 17 From Behind, Stairs
dw*c: Melbourne in B & W
` Toshio ': Elephant in the wild in South Africa
bluechameleon: your silent face
rael11ld: shopping queen
karma (Karen): November Rose bud ~ HMBT!
maljoe: BUE591 640400 Stockton [jh]
madras91: Yunnan tibetain
maljoe: Bamber Bridge [2295TE]
maljoe: Standerwick 050 London Victoria