MagnusCaleb: Penang May 2015: being flickrian
JourneyToNoWhere: The Very First Step Towards Success In Any Occupation Is To Become Interested In It.
JourneyToNoWhere: War Is The Greatest Plague That Can Afflict Humanity, It Destroys Religion, It Destroys States, It Destroys Families. Any Scourge Is Preferable To It.
JourneyToNoWhere: Progress Is The Attraction That Moves Humanity.
JourneyToNoWhere: Freedom Is Not Worth Having If It Does Not Include The Freedom To Make Mistakes.
JourneyToNoWhere: Fear Makes Us Feel Our Humanity.
JourneyToNoWhere: You Must Not Lose Faith In Humanity. Humanity Is An Ocean; If A Few Drops Of The Ocean Are Dirty, The Ocean Does Not Become Dirty.
JourneyToNoWhere: World Belongs To Humanity, Not This Leader, That Leader Or That King Or Prince Or Religious Leader. World Belongs To Humanity.
JourneyToNoWhere: To Deny People Their Human Rights Is To Challenge Their Very Humanity.
JourneyToNoWhere: Everyone Is A Moon, And Has A Dark Side Which He Never Shows To Anybody.
JourneyToNoWhere: We Are The Source Of Our Problems Not Mysterious Sinister Foreigners Overseas.
JourneyToNoWhere: No Culture Can Live If It Attempts To Be Exclusive.
JourneyToNoWhere: A Beauty Is A Woman You Notice, A Charmer Is One Who Notices You.
munira_zen: Yap Ah Loi mansion.
@faz_kerk: Blowing in the Urbanscapes wind
@faz_kerk: The Fire Dance Group, Urbanscapes 2011
JourneyToNoWhere: Achievement Results From Work Realizing Ambition.
i m i n u r u: KLickr 5 Minutes Photo Express Booth
i m i n u r u: KLickr 5 Minutes Photo Express Booth
i m i n u r u: Public Toilet
i m i n u r u: Progression
Jep @ Ayie: Fariz Freeze Time
boo_licious: IMG_1770
boo_licious: lantern
boo_licious: 1, 2, 3...
boo_licious: IMG_1725
boo_licious: IMG_1754
boo_licious: blowing fortunes