steerage1: Morning
thefisch1: 20191001_13665, Sunset with Swirl
wjaachau: Wonderful October Morning
thefisch1: Convergence
Carlos Lacano: DSC_0089
DonBenito86: Fallen Tree
DonBenito86: The Riverside
Manfred_H.: Tree shadow on autumn fields
NetAgra: We got this far
Manfred_H.: Right hand bend to autumn/fall
ell brown: Widney Manor Road, Widney Manor - field
ell brown: Widney Manor Road, Widney Manor - field
ell brown: Widney Road, Widney Manor - field
wjaachau: Can't hide the Autumn Leaves
Sally Auman: Down in the Valley
wjaachau: Autumn in Golden Gate Canyon State Park
Manfred_H.: Autumn colours in rural* environment
raimonds135: DSC_6316-2PS
Manfred_H.: Rural groove at a hillside situation
Fede Duran: The Rockies
Bryan Appleyard: Evening, Cambridge
gc_harris: 2019-10-18_12-04-42
darletts56: Ribbon of pink sunset
Sally Auman: Lakeside Grass
karwinho: dew balls / bokeh balls
băseşteanu: miez de vară
filippo rome: Entering the wood
wingerjohanne: Life always feels a bit better when the sun sstarts to work, - like it did here when I was at Alby. The farmers had a good summer, and they deserved that after the drought last year. I don't hope that will happen again.