Evert Vandeberg: rode wouw (Milvus milvus)(collage)
Evert Vandeberg: rode wouw (Milvus milvus)(collage)
Evert Vandeberg: Sperwer (Accipiter nisus) (collage)
Evert Vandeberg: Sperwer (Accipiter nisus) (collage)
Evert Vandeberg: grote Canadese gans (Branta canadensis)
Evert Vandeberg: graspieper (Anthus pratensis) collage
Evert Vandeberg: Wilde eend (Anas platyrhynchos) collage
NeilCastle: Great Egret in Flight - Sequence
NeilCastle: Great Blue Heron - In flight sequence
Roland Bogush: Migrant Hawker mating and tandem flight sequence
Evert Vandeberg: grijze wouw (Elanus caeruleus)(collage)
Roland Bogush: Dragonfly preying - this male Migrant Hawker obviously spotted something good to eat and zoomed up to get it.
Roland Bogush: Dragonfly flight sequence
tctyin: Takeoff!
Lance Wilson Photography: Flight of the dolphin
Dom Greves: Puss moth moult
Roland Bogush: Spinner! A Hawker Sea Fury fires up.
NeilCastle: Black and Yellow Garden Spider Feeding on a Cicada
Evert Vandeberg: Houtduif? (Columba palumbus) (stacking) & Boerenzwaluw (Hirundo rustica)(stacking 1sec)
Roland Bogush: Emperor Dragonfly turning in flight [Explored]
bjornery: Sequence
Joseph-A: Hawk Sequence
lostforideas: Stokkur erupts
Roland Bogush: Passing through
Evert Vandeberg: Rotsduif (Columba livia) & gierzwaluw (Apus apus) (stacking 3 sec.)
Evert Vandeberg: lepelaar (Platalea leucorodia) (stacking 1sec)
Evert Vandeberg: Boerenzwaluw (Hirundo rustica)(stacking 3sec)
Evert Vandeberg: spreeuw (Sturnus vulgaris) & Boerenzwaluw (Hirundo rustica) (stacking)
Evert Vandeberg: gierzwaluw (Apus apus)(stacking 1sec.)
Evert Vandeberg: gierzwaluw (Apus apus) (stacking 1 sec.)