Сonstantine: paparazzi
@en2sand: Doll house
@en2sand: Groovy
@en2sand: You see me in 3D
@en2sand: Sweet Mary
@en2sand: Let’s get it !
@en2sand: Hanzo sword you best protect ya neck
@en2sand: Express yourself
@en2sand: Hold on I am coming
@en2sand: I never saw myself ever capturing anything like this. Never saw myself using light in this way. What I did know is that I wanted to get better and put in the work to be better. Photography is and been a deep love of mine.
Shabbir Siraj: Faces of Karachi
@en2sand: Where is the Love ❤️?
@en2sand: Stay thirsty my friends
@en2sand: Anyone thirsty?
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broken_images: the day after the church surroundings were cleared by tear gas
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