Shannon Rose O'Shea: Moose, Wyoming
juliayncolemanphoto: sweetheart happy place
* M i c h e l l e *: Hello December
Jolivillage: Quiétude hivernale
Michelle O'Connell Photography: Dalquharran Castle
Jolivillage: Still life
Elena m.d.: “Simplificar nuestra vida, desechar lo que nos sobra, vivir sobriamente, eso es saber vivir.”
Artybee: Afternoon tea with mini fish and chips
Eneritz Uriarte: Txantxangorri
Cindy Croissant: Reddish Egret
Cindy Croissant: Marbled godwits and willets
ofarrowjulia: Love Oneself!
kirké: Illusion
YvonSteenbergen: Mechelen, November 2022
Long Nguyen Fine Art Photography: A charming beautiful girl whose shiny curly blonde hair is posing gracefully with a red sweater and a white skirt in Christmas spirit.
Finding Chris: I promise to be good …….
cathy sly: another window shot
J.H.Andersson: Leaf crunch
J.H.Andersson: Leaf crunch ii
judi may: 338/365: A very vintage Christmas tea...
Long Nguyen Fine Art Photography: A beautiful girl whose butterfly tattoo on her shoulder is showing her emotions
Long Nguyen Fine Art Photography: A beautiful girl whose sparkling eyes and a charming smile is in a drunken state of love
bflbo: Kaiserpalais
Mireya Brooks: Bringing Home The Christmas Tree
bflbo: Granatapfel-Glühwein
bflbo: MET mit Schuss
***Sandra Surtees***: Lioness S1A6105