ancientlives: Classics
Fish as art: Practice fishing
Emran Ashraf: Babusar
Karl Agre, M.D.: Santorini Island, Greece
Karl Agre, M.D.: Santorini Island, Greece
Scagliediterra: Tramonti d'acqua
Pixeltravel: Assilah, walled city - Morocco
Pixeltravel: Tanger Marina Bay - Tangier / Morocco
hkoons: Mill in Barcelos _7176
Leo Kramp: Reeuwijkse plassen - 's Gravenbroekseplas
Bernard Spragg: Milford Sound NZ.
hkoons: Across the Ponte de Barcelos _7173
hkoons: Palace Ruins _7164
LDLS17: Estany de Gerber.
LDLS17: Estany de Gerber.
Bernard Spragg: Dawn Apollo Bay Australia.
Teseum: Jaulian Monastery
LeszekZadlo: PK Wzgórz Dylewskich, Mazury, Poland
hkoons: Residential Barcelos _7153
TreasuresOfTraveling: #KoldingCastle, also called #Koldinghus which is located in the middle of the town along the shore of Slotsø Lake is the main focal point of the city. The castle was restored using a different set of materials than what was used to build the original cast
TreasuresOfTraveling: Skomagers House also known as the Old Citizens House is the oldest house in Kolding that was built in 1589 and is located in the #Helligkorsgade area. #Kolding, which is a wonderful #Danish city to visit & is located in #Jutland #Denmark & is full of #Tre
hkoons: Museu Arqueológico de Barcelos _7147
photphobia: Puzzlewood, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire
LeszekZadlo: Warsaw, Poland
LeszekZadlo: Warsaw, Poland
Bernard Spragg: Koi feeding frenzy.
ancientlives: Palace
hkoons: The Stone Path _7135
Bernard Spragg: Sunset. Aoraki / Mount Cook NZ.
Leo Kramp: Reeuwijkse plassen