David Farreny: VI.2019 — Fuir au Nord, 153
JFGryphon: Locomobile of America —1900
misterbigidea: Baby Mart
JFGryphon: "Whither the Fates Lead," Wrecked Ship on the Bermuda Coat of Arms
davidwilliamreed: Pig Skins
JFGryphon: Queen Shirley
David Farreny: X.2019 — Stop coming to my house (2)
Bart Heird: The Disco Bug by Day
eyetwist: this sale gallons. desert center, ca. 2019.
erix!: Stadtschrift (unvollendet)
lem's: one for each • matosinhos, portugal • 2019
JFGryphon: Troy Commercial Washing Machine -- about 1895
rob.vndnB: Street 1935-1942
JFGryphon: Dog food ...
Hugo-90: New Jersey
Hugo-90: Rochelle Park, New Jersey
JFGryphon: Pine Barrens, Burlington County, New Jersey
Hugo-90: 1913 Beardsley Electric
rob.vndnB: Street 1935
Hugo-90: Nash Club meeting
Alan Mays: Halloween Window Display, State College, Pa.
Peter Ashton aka peamasher: Basel/ Basle- Shop Window Display
whymcycles: Fort Wagner Historical Marker
JFGryphon: Where Edgar Allan Poe wrote the Raven in 1844
Peter Ashton aka peamasher: Basel/ Basle- A Place for Gentlemen