The Canon: Nonchalant beauty
The Canon: Grandma going strong
The Canon: Hi, Doc
The Canon: A steely gaze
The Canon: Horror!
The Canon: Cucumber-cool
The Canon: Simon = smiles
The Canon: Let’s work out what’s really going on
The Canon: Hmmm!
tonybill: Martagon lily
jmhstang: DSC01176-Edit.jpg
jarguel: ZZ Top ?
tonybill: Sweet pea
tonybill: Lily
The Canon: After the wedding Mass
The Canon: Classical French architecture
kaibassplayer73: KAI09981-Edit.jpg
mack100: A face of London
mack100: A face of London
mack100: Waiting in London
Borderli: DSC_0091
Borderli: DSC_0087
Borderli: DSC_0025
VintageLensLover: A visitor in our garden
nico.nic12: Volleyball 10
nico.nic12: Beachvolleyball 4