yeahwotever: Derailed.
johnfry01: night time orders
lionel682: The discard pile
johnfry01: DJI_0944 copy2
johnfry01: DJI_0960 copy
lionel682: Lucky RJCorman Catch
johnfry01: -7075
TimK24: Steamtown
TimK24: Steamtown
TimK24: Steamtown
TimK24: Steamtown
johnfry01: 20160917_181327
yeahwotever: Old Casablanca Train
lionel682: High Point, Thomasville and Denton BoxcarRecently moved to the NCTM
johnfry01: 7048
el98199: Tier Gorge rail Dunedin railway station
el98199: Dunedin Railway Station -
yeahwotever: Disused toy train.
johnfry01: under pressure
lionel682: With a little help...
johnfry01: where do you want to start?
johnfry01: Southern coaling tower
johnfry01: Crane's last trip on the Clinchfield
johnfry01: IMG_0628_
johnfry01: morning rust
lionel682: 630 on the turntable
lionel682: Abandoned Journal Cover
lionel682: PRR N8 Cabin #478173
lionel682: Graham County 1926?
lionel682: Cranky