Ivan Radic: Nahaufnahme eines Lipizzaner Pferds in der Spanischen Hofreitschule Wien
steamnut777: Shetland pony grand national
A.T.D.M.: Belle automne
steamnut777: Shetland pony grand national
Oul Gundog: Top And Tail
Scott RS: The Luckiest Horse in the Whole World
rosemaryings: Horse portrait
scuba_dooba: Bath - Left Turn
Ivan Radic: Brown horse behind a wooden fence
Iza 222: Horses
thomas.armstrong: Wild Horses
thomas.armstrong: Dune Riding
thomas.armstrong: Wild Horses
Oul Gundog: A Little Light Supper
Oul Gundog: Red Sky at Night ... A Horse's Delight
Lana Pahl / Country Star Photography: Plow horses, Micha, Greta and Ollie.
thomas.armstrong: Coast Riding
Bernard Spragg: The draft horse team.
stumbleon: DSC_0005-a1
Ivan Radic: Close-up of a horse's head above a fence
stumbleon: DSC_0048-a18
stumbleon: DSC_0439-a45
Ivan Radic: Black and white picture of a horse on a river bank. Houses and vehicles in the background
Ivan Radic: Black and white photo of a horse's head over the fence
stumbleon: DSC_0386-a44
stumbleon: DSC_0377-a43
stumbleon: DSC_0349-a42