klaus.sinuett: Ammonit
hyperboreas: hope ascends
pdegenkolv1: twisted
pchow2ca: IMG_7402
Harry McGregor: McGuire Arboretum and woodland shelter.
kpce1960: Sunlit Woods
Rita Rojas: 2020-10-19 - Enjoying my walk in the Forest -
Alessandro Dozer Fondaco: The Autumn Is Coming 10_10_20
Roberto_48: Rincones del bosque.
s.d.sea: Catching Fall
uschmidt2283: Schwarzes Moor
Picture-Perfect Pixels: Tremendous in Autumn.
Avard Woolaver: Brooklyn, Nova Scotia
Picture-Perfect Pixels: Autumn calling...walk this way.
F VDS: After the rain 2
JogiExperience: diving into the woods
Demmer S: That's Swell
GarSham: Fall Dream
Mitymous: Some of My Friends
Roberto_48: Raices
hansn (5.8+ Million Views): Kvarnsjön Nature Reserve IX
Alessandro Dozer Fondaco: Forca d'Acero 10_10_20
Gala_driel: autumn series
piwiyan: Zimbali
Poytr: Small leaf fig (Ficus obliqua) with Birds Nest Ferns
Gala_driel: right turn
Role Bigler: Autumn Forest
birdsetcetera: Layering
Phlips photos: Pant-du woodland, N/Wales, UK, 2020.