John-Strachan: In My Lifetime.....
Rick Del Carmen: 3rd Street Portrait 2
PalanqueStephane: Expectation
Sam Shirlow: last of the old guard
Bashiir Ahammed: DSC_0080
Joey Z1: Condiments for the Tacos & Burritos!
F.Cinque-Painting: Piazza San Pietro, Rome.
cupitt1: Corridor
kiri-fuda: The Last Supper and Smoke
Thibault Bonamy: Hay's Galleria
Joey Z1: Here We Are !
Bashiir Ahammed: DSC_0083
JMFontecha: JMF272599 - Vietnam - Mujer policía en Ninh Binh.
Victor Borst: Sumo Moment get off the phone
Bashiir Ahammed: DSC_0064
sasastro: Waiting for a text
sasastro: It's just good fun
sasastro: It's Utter Waffle
Meteorry: Issy-les-Moulineaux - Hauts-de-Seine (France)
byronv2: Drop Everything
byronv2: A Close Cut
papagall: AM7A5198
APTEM Kovalev: 2019-11-04_11-50-DSC_8483.JPG
Koen Deschepper: L1010517
B Ryder: 305/365 The Cathedral in Cadiz
B Ryder: 317/365 Loudoun Hall, one of the oldest buildings in the town of Ayr.